Ysense review 2020 : why it is the best site to earn from ?

A ysense review that’s what you search for and I really congaratualte you to reach here.

I love ysense, among all gpt websites, I reviewed before this site is my best and 1st choice.

I’ve been using ysense since it was called ( clixsense ) that’s 3 years ago , So I decided to write a complete review and share my own experience with this website.

I am sure you have already read many reviews about ysense but I am sure no one of them will share his honest review as I will.


Be sure you will get all information you need about ysense by the end of this review.

Let’s now start with…..

What is ysense ( Aka clisense )?

what is ysense

ysense is a get-paid-to website which allows you to make money usually by completing offers , surveys and tasks.

previously, It was called clixsense and you may know it with this name.

clixsense was one of the top sites and really was the most legit webiste I’ve worked on, as its statistics clixsense paid about 5 million dollars to users.

when prodege bought clixsense and called it ysense, I thought they will change the way people can earn through it BUT this doesn’t happen.

They add more ways and enhanced the website with alot more payment methods including paypal which wasn’t available on clixsense.

Now let’s move to the answer one of the most important questions…..

Is Ysense scam or legit?

This is the most important question you need to ask before registering any website, this is what I look for before working on any make money site.

And the short answer is …..


ysense is the absolutely legit and never scam any user.

I have already withdraw a lot of money from ysense and I will show you my payment proof to be sure you will get paid.

My ysense payment proof

I never share a review without being sure 1000 % that this website is completely legit.

So here you are my ysense payment proof to be sure it is legit and paying.

Not only 1 review but here you are 3 of them…

  • 1st Payment proof of 25 $ to my paypal

ysense payment proof 25 $

  • my 2nd ysense Payment proof of 10 $ to my paypal account

ysense payment proof of 10 $

  • My 3rd ysense payment proof of 5 dollars to my skrill account

ysense payment proof to skrill

So, after those 3 payment proofs above ….

Do you still wonder whether ysense legit or scam? 

I’ve promised you I will share my own ysense review and I wish you believe that it is a really good gpt site to work on.

Another thing to know about ysense and why it isn’t a scam that it’s a part of prodege company which owns Swagbucks.

and as you may hear before swagbucks is one of the top and best rewarding sites, so be more sure that you will get your earnings.

Join ysense

And now let’s move to another part in this review…..

How much can I earn from ysense ( clixsense ) ?

This isn’t an easy question because it depends on many factors :

  • Your country
  • the way you earn from ( surveys – offers – task )
  • Do you have referrals or not
  • how many hours will you work on ysense daily ?

If you are from ( USA – the UK – Au – Canada ), you will earn more than a person in ( India – Philipines – etc ).

That’s because the offers in tier 1 countries are more and pays more.

But …………

I am not living in tier 1 countries and my earnings are from 2 to 10 dollars daily.


you can expect the same or less.

When I searched to know how much people can earn from ysense I’ve found an article on their website saying that a member from UK earned 149 $ in just 24 hours.

That means if you live in any country I have mentioned before you can earn the same.

Now I think we should move to ……..

How to register a new ysense account?

I think this part is really easy to review and write about but some people don’t know exactly what they have to do.

So I’ll try to write about this in brief :

1- You need to go to ysense.com

2- Now you will need to fill in the information in this form.

NOTE THAT: Your e-mail must be the same email of your withdrawal method to be able to withdraw your earnings.

register ysense

3- Now it’s time to verify your ysense account >>> go to your email >>> click on the link they sent to you ( that simple ).

4- After that you need to complete your profile information so that they be able to bring you all surveys that most suitable for you.

5- Now you can start earning from ysense without any problems through any way we will mention in the next part.

How to earn money from ysense ( clixsense ) ?

As I have already mentioned before you can earn from ysense through 3 direct methods.

All 3 methods are good but :

  • If you are from tier 1 countries surveys are the best.
  • If you are from any other country around the world offers are the best.

1- Ysense surveys 

let’s start with ysense surveys review.

Many people already search for ysense surveys and asking if they are good to make money from?

And our Answer is ….


Although it is not a pure survey site like ( YouGov ), surveys in ysense are very good even if you are in a country other than the USA – UK – Canada, you can earn good money from them.

But of course, there are more surveys available for these countries.

Take a look to this photo to know how surveys in ysense work ( note that those surveys are available worldwide ) but you have to qualify to them >>>>

ysense surveys

All surveys in the photo above are ( one-time surveys ), note that there are surveys which can be completed several times like ( Daily surveys routers ).

Check this photo to know what I am talking about >>>>>>

ysense surveys 2

Now you know how much can you make from ysense surveys.

Let’s move to the next way …

2- ysense offers

The 2nd way to earn from ysense is offer wall, there are 9 offer walls each one of them contain tens of offers which can be completed by any person.

This way is the best if you are in any country around the world.

You will find offers pay from 0.01 $ to 50 $ sometimes.

Offer walls provided by ysense are : 

  1. ysense offers
  2. Wannads
  3. Revenue universe
  4. Offer toro
  5. ayet studio
  6. Adgate
  7. Adscend
  8. Peanut labs
  9. Adgem

You can see this photo to see an example of offers present in ysense >>>> 

earn from ysense offers

You can earn about 30 dollars in few hours by completing those offers.

Now, let’s move to the last way of making money from ysense ….

3- Ysense tasks

Tasks are very good way to earn money from ysense.

BUT the problem is ……

In some countries tasks are very few, so the number of them f=differs from country to another.

Just register a new account and see if there are many of them in your country.

What about tasks contest ?

ysense tasks contest is another good way to encourage you to earn more.

It is a weekly contest in which 100 $ will be given to The top 10 taskers As Follow ….

  • 1St will take 50 $
  • 2nd will take 20 $ 
  • 3rd will take 10 $
  • 4th will take 5 $
  • 5th will take 5 $
  • 6th to 10th Each will take 2 $

Not only that …..

When you earn 50 dollars from ysense tasks you will be rewarded with 5 $ Bonus.

Here you are a photo of top taskers on clixsense to know how many tasks can you comlpete daily >>>>>

clixsense tasks contest

So I think clixsense tasks really worth your time and you should give them more attention.

Join ysense

How to increase your ysense earnings by 16 % ?

You have already decided to join ysense and start earning money from it now how you can increase your earnings?

Most people don’t know anything about ysense daily bonus and this makes them miss an increase of 16 %.

BUT how can I benefit from clixsense Daily bonus?

you need to complete any of this :

  • 10 tasks
  • 2 offer or 2 surveys
  • 5 tasks and 1 offer

Once you complete any of those you will be credited 12 % of your earnings and those will be added to your ysense balance by the end of the day.

The other 4 % will be added when you :

  • Add their addon ( extension ) to your browser ( 2% )
  • When you be active for 3 days and complete tasks and offers ( 2 % )

Ysense payment methods and Cashout

Now it’s time to withdraw your earnings from ysense.

To be able to withdraw your earnings you should reach the minimum payout, which in this case depends on your preferred payment method.

There are 5 different payment methods : 

  • Paypal: minimum is 10 $ 
  • Skrill: minimum 5.05 $ ( you will get 5 $ )
  • Amazon gift cards: minimum  5 $  
  • Payoneer: minimum 52 $ ( you will get 50 $ )
  • Reward link Italy: minimum 10 $

Paypal, Amazon gift cards and reward link Italy don’t have fees BUT Skrill and Payoneer have.

ysense payment methods

What I really like about ysense payment system is that :  it is fast not really fast to pay instant but it pays just in 3 business days maximum.

Note that: If you live in any country in north America you will be asked to verify your postal address before you can ask to be paid by ( paypal – payoneer – skrill )

What are differencies between ysense and clixsense ?

I worked on ysense from 2018 and it was a good opportunity to me to make extra cash and when it became ysense I started to work on it.

But the core differincies between ysense and clixsense are :

  • The referral levels ( ysense has 1 level BUT clixsense had 8 levels )
  • Paypal support ( ysense support paypal BUT clixsense wasn’t )
  • PTC ads ( clixsense started as ptc site but ysense started as a gpt site without any ptc ads )

Ysense referral program review

If you are a blogger, YouTuber or just someone who have many friends this part of ysense review is exactly for you.

Ysense offers one of the best affiliate systems I’ve ever used.

If you invited one friend you will get : 

  • 20 % which  can be increased to 30 % (ASK me how in comments ) of your referral earnings ( without affecting his earnings ofcourse )
  • you will get 0.10 $ once your referral becomes active ( they don’t say requirements but I think you will get a bonus when your friend withdraw for first time.
  • and the most exciting part of this amazing referral program is you will get 2 $ when your friend earn his 1st 5 dollars.

I think you if you are a content creator or have some friend you should start sending your friend to ysense.

This was my honest review of ysense referral program and now let’s move to another part to review.

What about ysense support ?

According to my own experience, I must say that support is really good.

A problem happened to my account and once I contacted them through ticket support, one of them replied and the problem was solved within few minutes.

What I am trying to say is that whenever you face a problem within your ysense account, contact them and if you follow their instructions they will solve your problems.

Ysense PROS ( what I like )

I wanted to share what I really like about ysense with you to make this review more easy and helpful, and I wish those help you to decide :

  1. Ysense is completely legit and paying since 2008
  2. It offers High paying offers compared to other sites.
  3. Paying in just 3 days.
  4. Ysense has many payment methods including paypal.
  5. There are tens of surveys which pay you good money.
  6. ysense has the best referral program.
  7. Low minimum payout only 5 dollars.
  8. ysense offers Contests and daily bonus to help you earn more.

Ysense CONS ( what I don’t like )

  1. There is a fee when you withdraw using ( skrill – payoneer )
  2. surveys sometimes aren’t available.
  3. It don’t offer many ways to earn money from compared to Timebucks

Ysense reviews on famous reviewing sites

You may be looking for clixsense reviews to know what other people say about this website.

And for that I have brought to you what members say about ysense on the most famous review sites.

Let’s start with …….

Ysense reviews on Trustpilot:

ysense reviews on trustpilot

As you see in the photo above, there are 88 reviews from different persons and percentage was 3.6 / 5.

I think 88 reviews are not a good indicator to count on so, I went to another review website to know what people say about ysense.

Ysense reviews on Foxyrating

You may don’t know what is foxyrating if you are not familiar with this type of sites.

But If you want to ask me I will answer easily by saying :

It is the most popular review site for people working on gpt and ptc sites, most people go to it to share their review about websites their work on ( including clixsense ).

clixsense reviews on foxyrating

As you see in the photo there are 484 review and ysense rate is 4.6/5 and I think that’s a very good number of reviews which we can count on in our clixsense review.

those are the top 2 review sites and as you see ysense reviews on them are good + my experience with clixsense and ysense was extremly good.

Now it is up to you to decide If you want to give ysense a try or not.

But my advice to you is ( If you want to make an extra cash with just doing some simple tasks then clixsense is a good start ).

Join ysense

Final words you should know

When I started this blog I’ve decided to share every thing I went through when I worked on gpt sites.

And this what I’ve done in this ysense review.


To be more honest with you I should now advice you to start your own business online.

I would recommend you to start your own blog but I think there are more businesses you can start with Like creating your own gpt site or youtube channel or whatever you like.

Ysense and the other websites similar to it are good and legit but you can’t count on them for ever.

You have to start your own business But I guess you don’t have enough money like I was.

So I encourage you to save some of your earnings from those website and use them to start.

Did you like this review ? 

If you liked our ysense review Tell us how you plan to earn from it.

And if you have any question I will wait it in comments below and be sure I will reply as soon as possible.



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