Solve captcha for money ( Can you earn 500 $ ) 2021

Want to solve captcha for money ?

Why not….

In this article, I will show you a complete guide to get paid to solve captcha.


By the end of this post you will know….

  • Is Captcha solving job worth ?
  • Why any body pay to people to solve captcha codes ?
  • How much money should you expect to earn DAILY ?
  • How can you withdraw your earnings ?
  • what are the best sites you can work on ?

Let’s start with…..

Is Captcha work worth your time ?

If you live in the USA or Canada or UK , Don’t depend on Captcha solving as a work.


If you are from India, Pakistan, Venezuela or any other country, You can earn some good money from solving captcha.

So, To be honest and clear……

If you are from tier 1 country, gpt sites are the best for you to start.

If you are from any other country, yes this type of work will be worthy.

Why does any body pay for you to solve captcha ?

To be honest , I don’t know.


I will quote what Captcha solving sites say :

Many companies don’t have time to solve captcha for every task they do online so, they hire people to do this work for them.

What Other people say ?

Some people say that captcha work is done for scammers who do some illegal or spam things.

Whatever the cause is…..

Solving captcha for money is real and you will GET paid If you work on the sites I’ll mention later.

How much should you expect If you start to solve captcha for money ?

DO you want the truth ?

Or what other bloggers write ?

EVERY body loves the truth.

So the truth is you can’t earn so much from solving captcha.

Top earners in any captcha website Earn 20 $ a day as a Maximum.

Normal people who just starting can make about 0.5 – 3 Dollars / day.

That’s about 50 $ / month ( sometimes more or less ).

Is this GOOD for you ?

If it is, You can complete this guide and make this your online work.

If you want to earn more you can check all the get paid to articles and choose the way you prefer.

How much captcha sites pay you ?

Captcha work depends on number of captcha codes you solve.

The more codes you solve, The much money you earn.

Average money for every 1000 Captcha codes is 0.30 $ sometimes average is 1.5 $ / 1000 captcha

Types of captcha you can solve ( captcha vs Recaptcha )

There are 2 types of codes you can solve for money.

  • Normal Captcha : this is a simple code , usually a number or a word to type.
  • Recaptcha : when you register any website you will find a verification test to prove you are not a robot , This test is usually a group of photos , you are asked to choose from, this is recaptcha.

Usually Recaptcha codes are more expensive than Normal captcha.

If normal captcha pay you 0.30 $ / 1000 codes , then recaptcha will pay you 1.5 $ / 1000 codes.

How can you withdraw your money from captcha sites ?

You solve captcha for money but how you receive your earnings ?

It depends on website you use.

Some websites allow you to use Bitcoin others paypal.

But in general those are the payment methods you will find in most websites:

  • Payeer
  • Perfect money
  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin
  • Payoneer
  • webmoney
  • Advcash
  • Transferwise
  • Paysera

Now let’s move quickly to……

Best websites to get paid to solve captcha

There are hundreds of websites you can use to solve captcha for money.

But most of them are just scam websites that won’t pay you a penny after your hard work.

So here you are the best and most legit websites to earn money by solving captcha.

#1- 2captcha

Believe me when I tell you that 2captcha is the best for you.

I’ve already tried all websites in this list BUT no one was more easy and flexible.

  • Minimum Payout 0.5 $
  • Payment methods ( payeer – bitcoin – perfect money – advcash – webmoney )
  • You will receive your payout in just 24 hours.
  • Rate usually from 0.15 to 2 $ / 1000 captcha
  • very simple dashboard
  • It has a mobile interface for mobile users.

Join 2captcha


#2- Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo is our 2nd choice for you if you want to solve captcha for money.

There is something special about kolotibablo which is earning ratio, you can decrease your earning to get more codes to solve and when there are few workers you can increase your rate to 0.5 $ / 1000 codes.

  • Minimum payout 1 $
  • Instant payout ( which is great for you if you need some fast money )
  • Payment methods ( Advcash – capitalist – BTC – Litecoin – Ethereum – internal transfer )
  • Rate usually from 0.15 to 1 $ / 1000 captcha ( you can set your own )
  • The best thing is that there are many captcha codes to solve.
  • Top workers earn 3 – 5 $ every day.
  • There is a limit to wrong captcha you solve IF exceeded your account ill be banned.

Register kolotibablo

#3- Megatypers 

One of the oldest websites for captcha work.

Not like most captcha websites , megatypers provide paypal as a payment method.

You will find many captcha to solve so, you don’t have to wait for captcha codes.

  • Minimum payout 3 $
  • Your payment will be weekly every monday.
  • Payment methods ( Paypal – Bitcoin – Ltc – perfect money – Western union )
  • You can register only by invitation code ( use this one FN2I if you want to work on the website )
  • Rate on megatypers changes from 0.50 $ to 0.70 $ / 1000 codes according to the time of work)
  • East to use 
  • There is a software you can download from inside the website and work on it

megatypers captcha site


#4- Captchatypers 

If you live in India, captchatypers is the best for you.

I think the website is made for Indians , most payment methods are for India.

  • Free to join.
  • Available worldwide
  • To start solving captcha and earn you have to download their app.
  • Minimum payout 1 $
  • Payment methods ( Advcash – perfect money – BTC – Indian bank – Phone pe – Google pay for Indian – VCB bank for vietname )

captcha typers for money

#5- Timebucks

It not all about captcha work in timebucks.

It’s a get paid to website with about 13 ways of making money besides solving captcha.

  • Legit website
  • Minimum 10 $ ( can be earned very easily )
  • Offers weekly payout
  • Payment methods ( Payeer – BTc – Bank transfer – airtm )
  • It offers recaptcha type from (hcaptcha )
  • Rate is 0.003 / 15 Captcha codes solved ( that’s 0.20 $ / 1000 captcha )

register timebucks

When should you solve captcha for money ?

  • If you need few dollars fast.
  • If 5 dollars / day is a good money for you.
  • when you live in a country with limited options.
  • If you don’t have any skills.
  • Don’t have any money to invest.

These are the 5 reasons to think about solving captcha for money.

Final thoughts to solve captcha for money

Some people will tell you captcha work is perfect for you, and you can make 50 or 100 $ per day.

BUT believe me when I tell you that…

You can’t earn more than 15 $ / day from solving captcha codes.

So, My recommendation is finding another way to make money from If you expect more than this money.

You can find here in gpt zone hundreds of ways and websites to get paid from.


If you want me to recommend a some websites for you here you are my top 5 :

Now its your turn ? 

Tell us why you want to solve captcha for money

what website do you choose ?

Is there any website we forgot to put in this list ?

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