How to earn from neobux ( complete review for 2020 )

You are here to know how to earn from neobux, aren’t you ?


Once you complete this post , you will know everything about neobux.

I decided to write this definitive review BECAUSE it was very hard for me when I started to find a good review that include all I want to know.

I wish you like this guide and find it helpful for you.

Let’s move quickly to…….

What is neobux ?

It is a gpt website ( get paid to ) that’s mean you get paid for completing simple tasks.

In a simple language , it is a website you can make some extra cash from it without a skill or hard working.

Neobux is in the market since 2008 ( about 12 years ), so it is one of the oldest sites.

Maybe you ask yourself now : why it pays you ?

Neobux doesn’t pay, advertisers do and it shares some of the money with you.

It is safe, so don’t worry about your information.

neobux review ( how to earn money from it )

How to earn money from neobux ?

Now let’s move on to the longest part in this post BUT the most important for you.

You can earn with neobux using these methods  :

1- Surveys 

surveys are the most profitable way to make some extra cash, you will find many of them in neobux every day.

neobux surveys

As you see in photo above :

  • surveys prices vary from 0.21 $ to 0.95 $.
  • You can complete surveys multiple times per day.
  • There are many of them added every day.
  • If you want to increase their number you should complete your survey profile by answering some personal information ( Age – gender – income – status – … )

2- Offer walls ( Coins ) 

Inside neobux dashboard, you will find a tab called ( coins ).

In this tab you will find different offer walls ( 7 of them ) EACH one contains tens of offers.

neobux offer walls

Once you complete an offer you get something called COINS ( it is the currency of neobux ) which can be converted into cash.

neobux coins

3- Tasks ( mini jobs ) 

Although, 2 previous ways to earn are the best, you can make a good amount of money of this tab on neobux.

earn from tasks

As you can see in photo , there is only 1 task to earn 0.75 cents which is really a waste of time.

Don’t you think that ?

Maybe they will add more tasks in next period.

4- Watching ads 

Because it was known as a ptc website, it makes sense to get paid to watch ads.

Those ads will earn you from 0.01 $ to 0.05 each day.

Which is another waste of time for me and I think you too believe it is RIGHT ?

You will watch an ad for about 5 seconds and you will earn 0.001 to 0.01 $ for each one.

Ads will be like that :

watching ads

5- Playing games 

The last way to earn money with neobux is playing games.

It isn’t my favorite way to spend time on neobux but you may like it.

Here you can play some games ( easy ones ) and earn very small amount of money.

You can find information in this photo :

make money from games

Those was all methods you can use to earn money from neobux.

Let’s now move fast to……

How much can you earn from neobux ?

From what you know now about earning methods in neobux, we can expect how much can you make from neobux.

  • surveys allows you to earn about 5 to 10 $ daily.
  • Offers maybe 2500 coins ( about 2 $ )
  • Tasks can offer you 0.5 $
  • Ads will offer you about 0.02 $
  • games about 0.02 $

Now, as a total you can earn about ( 7.5  to 10 $ ) from neobux ( as a maximum of course ) by doing 1 to 2 hours daily work.

Register neobux

  Is there what is called ( neobux strategy ) ?

I will be completely honest with you and share all things I know with you, BE sure of that.

I’ve read every blog post say that they have earned thousand of dollars and I’ve tried them already.

But ……

Is there a true strategy to earn thousands from neobux in 2020 ( Without or with investment ) ?


All strategies on the internet about neobux are from 2009 to 2015.

Do you believe that ?

what is the most famous neobux strategy ?

rented referrals strategy is the most known one, you will find about all websites are talking about it.

Does it work ? 

No, rented referrals strategy no longer works.

The reason is that most rented referrals are bots or inactive referrals who don’t click on ads.


You will pay money to buy those rented referrals and lose it or just make part of money you pay only.

I have already tried that lately AND it was a complete waste of money. 

How much will rented referrals cost you ?

rented referral for 30 days costs you 0.20 $.

So if you want to rent 100 referrals you need 20 $ in your advertising balance.


Neobux referral system

Referrals are people registering from your affiliate link, they work and you get a commission from the website without affecting their earnings.

we’ve talked about rented referrals and how much they cost you.

Now, let’s talk about direct referrals and how much you can earn from them.

But before that …

Let’s talk about conditions required to be able to refer people to neobux.

To start referring people you have to :

  1. be active for 15 days on website.
  2. Click on 100 ads at least.

After that you can earn from direct referrals.

You will receive about 10 % of your referrals clicks.


You have to click 4 ads every day to benefit from all your referrals clicks.

How to get direct referrals for neobux ?

To get more direct referrals to neobux you have to do one of these things :

  • Talk to your friends and family and send them your referral link.
  • Go to forums and share your referral link ( some of them don’t allow this )
  • Go to some traffic websites and put your banners ( easyhits4u )
  • Buy direct referrals from websites like ( timebucks )
  • Start your own blog and write a review about neobux and share your referral link
  • start a youtube channel and review website and share your affiliate link.

Many people asking me how they can increase their earnings from neobux ?

In a short answer ( paid membership )

If you really will use neobux as one of your income streams, INVEST in paid membership.

You will get many advantages that you can’t have if you are in a standard membership.

See the photo below to know what I am saying :

neobux membership

That’s some of benefits you get from golden membership on neobux.


How much neobux golden membership costs you and how will you pay for it? 

I really don’t want to write many words so i brought this photo to you to know exactly How much will it cost and how you will pay :

neobux golden membership price


So now, Will this really increase your earnings ? 

To some users who have many referrals ( yes ) it will increase their earnings.

But …

If you don’t have many of them DON’T buy it.

I recommend buying neobux golden membership only from your earnings or from points ( Don’t buy using your own money )

Does neobux have android app ?


neobux doesn’t have any android app, so if anyone told you that there is one, you should be completely sure it is scam.

Is neobux scam or legit ?

We are in one of the most important parts of this review.

If you are like me this is the first thing you will search for , when you want to register any website.

so now, in a very short answer, ( neobux is not a scam ).

It is one of the most legit ptc ( gpt ) websites.

It is live since 2008 but you already know this.

You will not expect huge profit so some people say it is scam.

But to help you be more confident, Let’s move to the next section …….

Neobux payment proof

To be more sure you will receive your earnings, here you are a proof of me that this website pays.

neobux payment proof

I think you now believe it is legit, Right ?

Let’s now know How can you receive you money ?

Neobux payment methods

Once you reach minimum payout of 2 $ ( After that minimum will increase 1 $ each time you request payout till

you reach 10 $ it will be your minimum forever ),

You can now withdraw your money using :

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Airtm
  • Cryptocurrencies ( Bitcoin – Litecoin – etc )
  • Paypal and bank transfer ( through what is called tipalti profile )

Register neobux

Clixsense vs Neobux

For me Clixsense ( which is called now : ysense ) is the best site ever.

This doesn’t mean that i don’t like neobux or it is bad.


I earn more from ysense so it is my first choice gpt site.

Sites like neobux

I’ve already added a huge list of the best and most legit sites like neobux you can Read it in this post ( the best legit gpt sites ).

But maybe you need some quick links, so here you are some of them :

Any Questions ? 

By this we now reach the end of our neobux review If you have any question be comfortable to leave your comment.

Don’t worry I will reply as soon as possible.


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