Best link shortener to earn money 2021 ( TOP 20 )

Can You really get paid to shorten links?

That looks very silly.

But in fact…

You can shorten URLs and make money.

So, here you will find the best and highest paying Link shortener to earn money.

I will try to give you all information you need to know and the best ways you can use to get more traffic to your shortened links.

Are you ready?

How can earn money from URL shorteners?

If you don’t know what is link shortener here you are a simple overview:

It is a service which was created to make long links short and make those URLs looks simple and more beautiful.

There are 2 types of link shorteners :

  • Free ( you don’t get paid from ) sometimes you pay for them.
  • Paying ( which you can earn money from ) this post is about them.

The 1st type ( free ): is used by affiliate marketers to track their campaigns and they don’t contain any ads.

The 2nd type ( Paying shorteners  ): they are like landing pages when a user visit your URL he will land on a page full of ads and you earn a  fixed amount of money shared with you from link shorteners earnings thich they get from ads companies.

I want things to be very simple so I won’t speak about any technicals.

Let’s move to the next part in this guide…..

Best link shortener to earn money ( Top 20 legit websites )

I can’t say there is something called the best link shortener to earn money.

There are link shorteners to earn money which are :

  • Legit
  • Highest paying
  • Easy to use

The best shortener for you could be the highest paying.

But the best one  for me is the shortener without captcha ( Easy to use ).

And the common thing between us is ( we need LEGIT URL shortener ).

In this list, you will find all types of websites choose the best for you.

1- Adfly ( The most legit link shortener to earn money without captcha )

For me adfly is the best link shortener to earn money.

Not only because it is : 

  • legit
  • The oldest website
  • The easiest to use.

But also because :

  • Users don’t have to solve captcha
  • It has good cpm rates.
  • It has a full website script for bloggers.

CPM rates:

  • Lowest CPM : 0.21 / 1000 visits
  • Highest CPM : 8 $ / 1000 Visits ( it is the CPM of USA )
  • CPM for India : 0.8 $ / 1000 Visits.

There are many websites you can join and they offer higher cpm rates but if you want the best link shortener to earn money without captcha, Adfly is your choice.

Payment system : 

To withdraw your money you need to reach their minimum payout :

  • 5 $  Via Paypal 
  • 10 $ Via Payoneer

You can withdraw your money every day If you reach minimum BUT  Your 1st payment is automated and must be paid in 1st day of the next month.

Join adfly

2- ( Highest-paying URL shortener to earn money for USA ) is another link shortener to earn money without captcha.

I Like this website also because it is very easy to skip.

So most Visits will be counted and completed.

Why I like ?

  • It is legit
  • It is very old
  • Easy to use.
  • Have a wordpress plugin for bloggers.
  • It has a store for game cards you can shop from it.
  • It is the highest paying link shortener to earn money for USA audience.

What I don’t like about it ? 

  • It pays monthly 10th of each month.

CPM Rates: 

They aren’t the best rates for worldwide audience BUT they are very good for a shortener without captcha or popup ads.

  • Lowest CPM : 0.50 $ / 1000 Visits
  • Highest CPM : 14 $ / 1000 Visits ( For USA )
  • CPM for India : 1.89 $ / 1000 Visits

get paid to shorten links on

Payment system: 

Now It’s time to get paid.

But you need to reach your minimum payout which is :

  •  5 $ For Pay pal
  • 5 $ for Webmoney
  • 20 $ For Payoner

If you Joined from this Button bellow You will get 1 $ after your 1st 100 Visits to your links.


3- Timebucks

It’s not a specialized link shortener but It is a gpt site which has many ways to earn money from including shorten links.

Timebucks is one of my best money making websites So I completely recommend it to you.

Why I like It:

  • Legit With thousands of payment proofs
  • Automated weekly payout
  • It is a link shortener without captcha so, it is very easy to be skipped.
  • It accepts traffic from PTC sites and proxy.
  • many ways to earn money from.

What I don’t like: 

  • Low CPM rates
  • only 1 visit/person every 24 hours.
  • Minimum payout is a bit high

CPM Rates

  • Lowest CPM: 1 USD/1000 visits ( worldwide )
  • Highest CPM: 6 USD / 1000 Visits ( USA )
  • For (the UK – Canada – Australia ): 3 USD / 1000 Visits


Payment is sent automatically every week once you reach the minimum payout 10 $ through:

  • Payeer
  • Bitcoin
  • Airtm
  • Bank transfer

Join timebucks

4- ( top url shortener to earn money for India )

Previously, Cut URL. is one of the best URLs shorteners for a worldwide audience.

If your audience from the USA, Canada, Australia or England Don’t use and try .

What I like about 

  • Legit
  • Low minimum payout
  • High CPM rates up to 20 $ / 1000 Views.
  • Minimum CPM rates for All countries is 3.20 $ / 1000 Views.

What I don’t like about it:

  • Too many pop ads
  • No automatic payout

Payment Methods

To withdraw The money you make you need a 3 USD at least.

  • 3 $ for Paypal
  • 3 $ for Airtm
  • 5 $ for Bitcoin
  • 5 $ for Payeer

Once you reach the minimum you can request payout and it will be processed every wednesday of every week.


5- Fc.Lc ( best link shortener to earn money 2021 )

Another legit link shortener website to earn money.

I worked on Fclc for the 1st time 6 months ago and still working on it until now.

Why I like It:

  • Legit and paying
  • Good CPM rates
  • Payments are daily.

What I don’t like: 

  • Too many pop ads

CPM Rates: 

  • Lowest CPM: 2.5 $ / 1000 visits ( For Indonesia )
  • Highest CPM: 10 $ / 1000 Visits ( For Greenland )
  • CPM for India and worldwide: 3 $ / 1000 Visits.

Payment System

Once You reach the minimum payout of your prefered method you can request and Money will reach your account In just 3 days.

  • For Paypal: 5 USD
  • Bitcoin: 5 USD
  • Payoneer: 50 $
  • Payeer: 3 $
  • Webmoney: 3 $

6- Gets-URL

If you want a link shortener to earn money sharing your links on Facebook without being banned, Gets-url is your choice.

It is one of the highest paying websites In this list.

Why I like Gets-url: 

  • Legit
  • High CPM rates
  • There are many payment methods to choose from.
  • It counts 2 visits from the same IP address every 6 hours.
  • Low minimum payout.
  • Automated payout

What I don’t like About Gets-url:

  • Payment are made monthly in The 25th to 30th of the next month.
  • Pop ads.
  • Not very easy to use.

CPM Rates

  • Lowest CPM : 1.5 USD / 1000 visits ( For India )
  • Highest CPM : 20 USD / 1000 Visites ( For Albania )

Payment System

You need to add a withdrawl method at first once you did that and reach a minimum of 5 USD you will be able to receive your money by the next month.

If you have 50 USD earnings in your account you can withdraw manually through any of those methods :

  • Paypal ( 5 $ )
  • Payoneer ( 50 $ )
  • Western union ( 100 $ )
  • BTC ( 5 $ )
  • Nettler ( 5 $ )

Register Gets-url

7- Linkvertise

Linkvertise is the highest paying URL shortener  for German speaking countries.

It has very high CPM rates Reaches 70 USD / 1000 Visits.

What I like:

  • Legit and paying
  • Clean page with no pop ads
  • It will give you 2 $ Sign up bonus.

What I don’t like:

  • CPM rates are not fixed.
  • Automatic payment is monthly only.

Payment Methods

  • Paypal
  • Wire transfer
  • e-check
  • Local bank

Join linkvertise

8- ( best link shortener to earn money 2020 )

If you want a URL shortener to earn money that pays daily and Instant, You should consider using

Why I like:

  • It is Legit
  • Very low minimum payout ( 1 $ )
  • Instant payout.
  • Good CPM rates
  • Easy to be skipped by visitors.
  • It has other ways to make money besides shortening URLs.

CPM Rates

It is not the best rates but it still good.

  • Lowest CPM: 0.04 $ / 1000 Views ( For Taiwan )
  • Highest CPM: 21 $ / 1000 ( For Greenland )
  • CPM for India: 0.96 $ / 1000

Payment system 

As I mentioned before You can request your money once It reaches 1 $ and you will receive your payout Instantly.

  • For Paypal: 1 $
  • For Payoneer: 50 $


9-Shrinkearn ( best url shortener to earn money for Pakistan )

shrinkearn is one of the most famous link shortener to earn money and it is one of the best for worldwide audience .

And If you are looking for a url shortener which offers Paytm as a payment method shrinkearn is your choice.

What I like: 

  • Legit URL shortener
  • Low Minimum Payout
  • Good CPM rates

What I don’t like:

  • Too many pop ads.
  • Only 1 Visit per person is counted every 24 hours.

CPM Rates: 

  • Lowest Rates: 3.20 $ / 1000 ( All countries )
  • Highest Rates: 20 $ / 1000 ( Greenland )

Payment Methods

What is very good about Shrinkearn is ( It Pays DAILY ).

once you reached The minimum ( 3 USD )you can ask for withdrawal and it will be sent to you in up to 3 days.

shrinkearn paymet methods

Join Shrinkearn ( Highest-paying for India )

If you are looking for a url shortener to earn Paytm money you need to try shrinkme. is the highest paying link shortener for India, so If your audience is from India shrink me is the best choice for you.

What I like: 

  • Legit website
  • Paying Daily.
  • 1 USD signup bonus.
  • Good CPM rates
  • Many payment methods including Paytm.

What I don’t like: 

  • There are many pop ads so It’s not easy for the person to skip.

CPM Rates

  • Lowest Rate: 2.5 USD / 1000 ( For Turkey )
  • Highest Rate: 22 USD / 1000 ( For Greenland )
  • CPM for India:  3.5 $

Payment methods

Minimum payout 5 $ Once you reach it you can withdraw and your money will reach your account in just 1 day. payment methods


11- ( Best Url shortener to earn money for Youtubers and bloggers )

If you have audience, and sharing with them many websites and tools you need a website with automatic payout ( trust me you need that ).

What I like: 

  • Automatic weekly payout.
  • Not very complicated ads.
  • 20 % of your referrals earnings.

What I don’t like:

  • Low CPM rates

CPM Rates: 

  • Lowest CPM: 0.58 USD / 1000 ( For proxy traffic )
  • Highest CPM: 6.60 USD / 1000 ( For united states traffic )
  • CPM for India: 1.30 USD / 1000 visits.


There are automatic payout and manual payout within 3 days With a minimum 5 dollars for all methods.

  • Paypal
  • Payeer
  • Webmoney


12- is different from any other url shortener you may work on.

It doesn’t have any fixed CPM rates to tell you, as It uses Artificial Intellegience to determine the best CPM rates.

What I like:

  • The 450 $ Monthly contest that is given to one user.
  • Very low minimum payout.
  • Legit and paying.

What I don’t like:

  • I think minimum CPM will be good to be added.
  • There are few payment methods.
  • There isn’t automatic withdrawal.

Payment System

You can request withdrawal once you reach minimum payout of your favourite payment method:

  • It is 2 $ for Paypal
  • And 3 $ for Bitcoin


13- is one of the top 3 URL shorteners to earn money around the world.

What I like: 

  • Legit
  • Easy to skip
  • Automatic payout

What I don’t like

  • very low CPM Rates
  •  Payments are made every 15 days with no manual withdrawal.


  • Lowest: 1.5 $ / 1000 ( All countries )
  • Highest: 5 $ / 1000 ( For Australia )

Payment methods

  • Paypal and payeer: 5 USD
  • BTC: 20 USD
  • Payoneer: 50 USD


14- Safelinku

The highest paying link shortener to earn money for India.

  • Legit
  • High CPM rates reach 10 USD for Germany
  • For India CPM rate is 5.20 $ / 1000 visits
  • 10 % of referrals earnings
  • Minimum Payout 5 $
  • Daily payout ( But you have to stay for 3 days to receive your payment )
  • Payment methods ( Paypal – Bank transfer – payment methods for Indonesia )

Join Safelinku


If you have an Indian audience gplinks is the best url shortener to earn money for you.

  • It is legit
  • CPM for India is 6 $
  • The Highest rate is 8 $ for (the USA – Canada – Australia – UK )
  • The Lowest CPM is 3 $ for worldwide.
  • Referral system gives you 5 % of your referrals earnings.
  • No automatic payout
  • Minimum payment threshold is 5 $
  • Payment methods are ( Pay pal – Wire – Google play cards – Amazon gift cards – BITCOIN )

Join gplinks


Another good website to earn money shorten URL and withdraw using Paytm .

  •  Legit and paying
  • Good CPM rates
  • Ads aren’t annoying
  • Highest Rate Is 7.5 $ For USA
  • For all countries of the world 2.5 USD
  • Minimum Payout 10 $
  • Automatic monthly payment ( 4th of every month )
  • Payment Methods ( Paypal – Bitcoin )
  • If you Joined from The button below You will get 5 $ signup Bonus.

Join adshrinkit

17- Shrtfly

Another legit website to earn money shorten links which offers UPI and Paytm as payment methods.

  • Highest CPM is 21 USD / 1000 Greenland
  • Lowest CPM is 1.5 / 1000 For India
  • USA CPM is 8 $
  • No automatic payout ( only manual withdrawal and In a specific day It’s 15th of each month today )
  • The best thing about shrtfly is the referral system ( It pays 30 % of referrals earnings ).
  • Minimum payout is 5 USD
  • Payment methods are ( Paypal – Paytm – UPI – Bitcoin – Wire – Payoneer VIP )

Join shrtfly


It’s not the best link shortener to earn money in this list but it still legit.

  • It has good users review
  • Contain pop ads
  • The highest rate is 5 $ ( United States )
  • The lowest CPM is 2.5 $ ( For Vietnam )
  • CPM for India is 3 USD
  • It offers 10 % of your referrals earnings.
  • Minimum payout is 10 $
  • Payout methods are ( pay pal – BTC )

Join Smoner

19- Bc.VC

Another good link shortener to earn money you can join, I didn’t like many things about this website but you may like it.

  • You can manage type of ads shown to users.
  • Automatic Payout
  • Website isn’t professional, there are many bugs
  • It doesn’t offer paypal
  • CPM rates aren’t the best
  • High minimum payout
  • Lowest Rates : 0.10 $ / 1000 ( Very low )
  • Highest: 10-15 USD / 1000 Visits ( For USA )
  • CPM for India: 1.10 USD / 1000.
  • Payment is made every Thursday.
  • Minimum payout 10 USD
  • Payment methods are ( Payoneer – Bitcoin )


20- CPMlink

A Legit link shortener with Bad CPM rates.

  • I Don’t recommend it.
  • Legit URL shortener.
  • It pays daily
  • It has captcha and pop ads.
  • Highest Rate is 5 USD / 1000 Visits for Kuwait
  • Lowest ( worldwide ) Rates 1.5 USD / 1000
  • Only 5 % of your referrals earnings.
  • Minimum Payout 5 $
  • Payment methods are ( Pay pal – Skrill – Payeer – Bitcoin )

Join cpmlink

How To get Traffic to your shorten Url? ( Best Sources )

Now, After you knew what is the best link shortener to earn money for you.

Let’s talk a little about the best traffic sources to get visits to your short URLs.

These ways are my best traffic sources, You may have other sources to share your links with so find the best for you and use.


Creating a blog isn’t the best way to earn money shorten links only.


It is my best way to make money online.

By having your own blog and your own audience you can earn from hundreds of ways.

Let’s say you have about 500 visitors per day and only 100 of them click on your shorten URL ( of course you will use a full-page script which will help you to shorten all your blog links).

That’s about 0.30 $ Passive income ( average ).

Think of it, what if you have 10 000 visitors/ day how much money can you earn?

Youtube channel

Another one of my best ways to get paid to shorten links is a youtube channel.

Youtube also is one of the best ways to generate passive income.

At first, you need to create your own channel and start uploading some videos.

Once the users find your content is good you will see your views and subscribers rise.

At this moment you can start promoting your shorten links and start to earn some money.

Telegram channel

Telegram became one of the most famous apps in the last few months.

So I think you should:

  • join the best link shortener for you.
  • Download telegram and create a channel and be specific and choose a niche.
  • Share some of the best content.
  • Start sending users.

Once you have a good number of members, start promoting your shorten URLs and get paid.


Quora is one of the top ask and answer websites on the web with millions of daily visitors.

What you have to do now is:

  • Go to quora and search for anything you want ( Ex :best link shortener to earn money )
  • You will find people asking what is the best or how to make money from shorten URls.
  • Now All you have to do is to find a post listing those website and will help user.
  • Copy its link and go to your url shortener and shorten the url.
  • The last step is to write a breif answer to the question and put your shorten link as a resource or further info.
  • Now you will earn money from every one see your answer and visit your link.


You need to know that most forums ban users who share shorten links.


There are some forums ( Specially new ) accept that.

So If you need a free way to get traffic to your shorten links and earn money keep in mind to use forums as your traffic source.

I don’t like this method very much but it works for some people.

Social media

Some people claim that social media is the best traffic source to earn money shorten urls.


It was the best.

Now, Most social media webistes ban users who share shorten links.

  • Facebook groups ( Send people to a landing page or a blog )
  • Pinterest ( not bad )
  • Twitter ( accept short links )
  • Tumblr

The best compination to not get banned is to use a landing page or a free blog to send your audience to it.

Don’t use the short links Directly specially on facebook.

A bonus Tip

There are link shortener for facebook in this list, you can join and you won’t be banned is you share their link.

The best one of them for me is : Gets-url


Now, you know what is the best link shortener to earn money, how to get paid from each one of them and what are the best traffic sources to get visits to your shorten urls.

How much money can you get from this method ?

Did you work on it before ?

If you have any question I’d like to hear from you.

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