Get paid to watch ads 2020 ( comprehensive guide )

So, You want to get paid to watch ads, But you asking how ? and can you really make money watching ads?

To be very honest with you….

You can watch ads for money.


Don’t expect too much money.

Even the best website can’t make you more than 2 dollars from watching ads.

But the good thing is ……

Most websites that allow you to watch ads and get paid have other ways you can make more money from.

If you are using your phone or your computer trust me you will find what need.

How to get paid to watch ads?

Like any other way to make money all you have to do is :

  • Find a website/ App that offers watching ads as a money-making way  ( You will find a list below ).
  • Join anyone you like and confirm your email.
  • Start watching ads ( videos – websites) and you can use anyways they provide to earn more.
  • Once you reach minimum payout >> add your payment method and request withdrawal.
  • You will get paid in a period differs from a website to another ( maximum 7 days )

get paid to watch ads

Best websites that pay you to watch ads

Let’s move quickly to the best websites you can use to make money watching ads.

These websites will be arranged from top websites that will earn you more to websites that you can get paid from it but less.

Don’t worry all those websites are LEGIT and will pay you.

Let’s begin with ……

1- Swagbucks

It’s not a pure get paid to watch ads website put it contains video and content ads as a way of earnings.

In swagbucks you will have a true opportunity of making some extra money.

You can use it to earn some cash from thousands of offers and surveys.

If you love shopping , you will find cash back offers to save some money.

once you earn 5 $ at least you can get paid using :

  • Paypal
  • Amazon gift cards

Swagbucks is the best website for you if you are from ( USA – UK – Canada – Australia )

Register swagbucks


2- Timebucks

If I told you that it is the best get paid to watch ads website will you believe me ?

If I told you that you can earn 50 $ every day Will you believe me ?

It’s not just a make money from watching ads website It is a complete get paid to website.

By using timebucks you can earn money from :

  • watching ads
  • watching video ads
  • watching puch notification
  • Search the web
  • Captcha solving
  • Offers
  • Surveys
  • Sign ups
  • Tasks

And many more ways.

So If I could recommend any website to you I will recommend timebucks of course.

Minimum payout is 10 $ 

Register timebucks

3- Ysense

I can’t consider it as a get paid to watch ads website but I can’t mention any get paid to websites and don’t mention it.

Ysense already has making money from watching ads choice BUT it is only for USA and tier 1 countries.

If you are from any country around the world you can make some extra cash from this website cmpleting some offers of answering surveys.

What is really special about ysense is that it will send your money very fast after requestig withdraw, Usually it doesn’t take more than 3 days.

Minimum Payout is 5.05 $

You can withdraw using :

  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Payoneer
  • Amazon gift cards.

You can Find more information about this website and how to earn if you read : my complete ysense review

Join ysense

4- Inboxdollars

Inboxdollars is one of the most popular websites when it comes to making money watching ads.

There are many ways to earn money from inboxdollars other than watching ads.

You can get paid to watch video, completing offers, surveys, cashback and even playing games.

What I really don’t like about Inboxdollars is the minimum payout which is really High comparing to other get paid to watch ads websites ( 30 $ minimum )

But I think because it contains many ways you can use this minimum can be reached easily.

Another thing I don’t like about this website is ( It is only available for USA audience ).


If you are from any country other than USA you can’t work on inboxdollars.

Register inboxdollars

5- Coinpayu

I like coinpayu very much.

First time for me using this website was about 2 months ago, but when I used it for a while I quickly moved it to my get paid to watch ads list.

You can make money from coinpayu using 3 different types of ads ( Surf – windows – Video ).

It also has offers to complete and earn money from it ( more than ads of course ).

What I really love about this website is the LOW minimum payout ( 1 $ ) and you can withdraw your earnings.

Payment methods are :

  • Payeer
  • Bitcoin
  • Faucetpay
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin


6- points2shop

points2shop is also a good choice if you want to make money watching video ads.

It is legit and you can earn more extra cash from it by using some easy ways like surveys and offers.

you can also get paid playing games and installing apps.

I think you should work on them for a while to know If it is good for you.

Minimum payout is 5 $

You can get paid using :

  • Paypal
  • Facebook money
  • Gamecards

Register points2shop

7- Cointiply

If you want to get paid to watch some ads, so make sure to give cointiply a try.

Although it gives you bitcoin or dogecoin and you can’t get paid in cash, it still worth it.

There are hundreds of content ads you can watch and make money.

Not only ads you can also make money completing surveys, offers and also video ads and faucet claim.

Minimum payout is 3.5 $ 

Register cointiply

8- Adbtc

Another get paid to watch ads that pay you in bitcoin.

Adbtc is one of my favourites when it comes to making money from watching ads.

It is a pure ad watching website, it doesn’t contain any other ways to make money from.

There are 3 types of ads :

  • surf ads: you can leave it open and do anything
  • Windows ads: you have to stay on the website until the timer is off.
  • Autosurf ads: this type of ads is automated, ads play without doing anything , just open the link and leave it and you will earn.


9- Neobux

If there is a legit get paid to watch ads website it must be neobux.

It is the father of all those website as it works from 2008 and still paying till now.

Few years ago, many people managed to earn thousands of dollars from neobux using some methods I already mentioned in The neobux review.

You can get paid from neubux through( watching ads – offers – surveys ) .

Ads in neobux are really few but you can upgrade your membership if you want to get more ads which means more money.

Minimum Payout from this website is 2 $ 

Payment methods are : 

  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Netller
  • Cryptocurrencies

Register neobux


10- Irazoo

Irazoo is one of the good websites which allows you to get paid to watch video ads.

But to be honest with you these ads usually aren’t available for worldwide audience only USA and Canada most ways.

The good thing now is there are other ways to make money from Irazoo.

It has good surveys that you can start completing them , It also has games that pay you money.

You will earn points which can be redeemed to cash ( 3000 points = 5 $ )

Payment methods depends on your country :

  • Paypal is available for all countries
  • Hundreds of gift cards for USA and Canada

Use this code ( QPQGN3 ) to get 50 points for free when you register.

Register Irazoo

11- Keeprewarding

keeprewarding is new get paid to watch ads website BUT this does’t mean it is a scam.

We worked in this website for a while and we are very sure it is a legit and paying website.

In this website you will find hundreds of ads you can watch in addition to videos.

Not only that you can also make money from surveys, tasks and offer walls.

I think if you have some free time you may like to try it.

Register keeprewarding

12- Btcclicks

Just like adbtc and coinpayu, btcclicks is another get paid to watch ads which pay you in bitcoin.

This website isn’t good as websites above.

But it has something that all other get paid to watch ads websites don’t have.

Ads prices in this website differ from country to another country.

So, If you are from the USA you will have prices more than a person from India.

Once you reach 0.00001 BTC you can withdraw your earnings.


13- Quick rewards

This website is for the USA and Canada only If you want to work on it.

It offers many ways to get some extra money from including Video ads.

What you will love about this website is that ( There is no minimum payout ).

You can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account from 0.01 $ but if you want to get a GC you will need at least 5 $ in your wallet.

You will receive your payment usually in just 3 days.


Apps that pay you to watch ads

There are some websites mentioned previously like ( Swagbucks – cointiply ) Have already apps you can download from apple store or play store if you are using an android phone.

But here you are some of the most popular apps to get paid to watch ads.

14- Slidejoy

Do you have an android phone and want to get paid to watch ads from it?

Slidejoy solves this problem and you don’t have to waste your time.

Once you install app from play store and register a new account you will be allowed to earn money showing ads on your lock screen.

You don’t know exactly how much money you will earn and how many ads you will be able to watch.

The way app runs is not exactly known it is an algorithm that can’t be controlled if you are a customer.

  • There is no app for IOS users
  • You can withdraw your earnings using PayPal or gift cards
  • It has more than 1 million downloads on play store and many positive reviews

slide joy app to watch ads

15- Ibotta

Some websites add Ibotta to (get paid to watch ads apps ) But it’s not.

Ibotta only pays you when you shop online, this means it is a cash back app not watching.

I mentioned it only because you may already see it in other websites.

Ibotta app

More apps to make money watching ads

  1. Cashpirate
  2. App nana ( Use this code  z31197869 to get 12500 nanas )
  3. tap cash rewards
  4. cash for apps
  5. cash rewards app

Can you really get paid to watch ads ?

Now let’s be honest with each others ,Can we ?

Let me know why you want to make money from watching ads ?

I can guess you don’t have any skills or money to invest so you are looking for the easiest ways ,Am I right ?

If this is your reason let me say that to you…..

Watching ads for money will make yu some money but it’s not :

  • As much as you expect
  • forever

So, whether you like it or not you have to learn some thing or you just try to save some cash and invest in a business online.

There are many ideas you can start with :

Our favourites are : 

  • Blogs
  • Youtube
  • You can start your own get paid to watch ads website as a business

There are many more businesses you can start but those are the easiest to start and learn about.

My advice to you now is to take action and make sure to start your business one day.

Where to start If you want to get paid to watch ads ?

This is the last part in our post today and I just want to share some of my first choice websites and apps.

Of course you can start with any website mentioned above they are all legit.

But …

If you like recommendations let me choose some of them to you :

  • SwagbucksInboxdollars ( If you are from USA – Canada – UK – Australia )
  • Timebucks ( If you are from any country around the world and want to earn more than 5 $ a day )
  • Coinpayucointiply ( If you want to earn some cryptocurrencies watching ads)
  • Points2shop ( if you want some gift cards and do shopping )
  • Slidejoy app ( If you want to watch ads and get paid using your phone )

Now I want To hear from you ? 

Do you think you can really get paid to watch ads ?

Will you try those websites above ?

If you will tell me what is your next step and why you will work on this way.

Thank you for being here 

If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact me any time.

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