coinpayu review 2021 ( Join now or lose this chance )

Coinpayu review : that’s what you need ?

And you’ll get all you need to know at the end of this guide.

First of all let me tell you that…..

I really want to help you to start making some cash, that’s why I will write my honest review.

All you have to do after reading of this post is to decide if you want to join or not?

Okay let’s move quickly to this review.

What is coinpayu ? is a gpt website which pays you in bitcoin.

It starts 2013 and became one of the most know websites.

It is considered one of the best earn extra money websites around the web.

According to my experience on coinpayu , I can say that.

That’s why I am writing my honest coinpayu review.

I want to help you decide to join if you need some btc fast.

And Now….

Let’s answer the most important question in this review.

Is coinpayu Legit or scam website ?

I don’t want to be exaggerating but for me coinpayu is one of the most legit get paid from home websites.

So the short answer is….

( Yes It is legit ).

The long answer is….

I worked on coinpayu a year ago and got paid from it over 20 times.


I really love coinpayu and I think you to will like working on it.

Coinpayu payment proof 

To be more sure that you will receive your payment here you are my payment proof from inside coinpayu >>>>


coinpayu payment proof

Are you sure now ?

Now I think you need to know….

How much can you earn from coinpayu Daily ?

It is not so much but it’s good amount for a beginner.

If you work on offers and survey in addition to ads You can make 20 000 satoshi daily ( some users make more ).

But if you depend on ads only …..

You will be able to make about 400 to 600 satoshi daily.

So I need you to complete offers and surveys as much as you can.

Now Let’s see…….

How to earn from coinpayu ?

Now after you knew that it isn’t a scam.

let’s take this coinpayu review to another part.

How can you make money from ?

There are 4 ways…..

1- Watching ads

watching ads is the main way to earn satoshi from coinpayu.

It has 3 types of ads to watch : 

  • Surf ads

In this type ads will be opened in another tap and you have to wait until the timer become ( Zero ).

Then go back to the website and click on another ad.

Your earnings will be added to your balance directly after the timer is off.

There are about 50 ads every day, each one of them earns you  a minimum 5 satoshis that’s about 300 satoshi.

  • Windows ads 

The next type of ads you will find on coinpayu is windows ads.

In this type, you have to keep the ad opened until the timer is off.

Your earning will be added directly to your balance.

You will find here about 15 ads with an average 5 satoshi that’s about 75 satoshi and sometimes more or less.

  • Video ads

In this type you will be able to watch youtube videos and earn btc.

The number of ads is different every day so I can’t tell you how much can you earn.


All I know is the number of video ads is fewer than number of other types of ads.

2- Offer

the next and best way to make money on this coinpayu review is offers .

I really like completing offers and surveys.

They pay well, Right ?

Coinpayu has 23 offer walls in this moment of writing this review.

some of them are specialized in offers and other in surveys.

They have the best offer walls in the market including :

  • Adgem
  • Adgatemedia
  • Yuno ( for the best surveys )
  • Wannads ( surveys and offers )
  • Poll fish
  • Adscend media
  • Ayestudio
  • Kiwi wall
  • Engaged hit and more quiztime ( for more ads )
  • and many more.

To be honest they offer very competitive offers rates, they pay more than many of their competitors.

Offers Contest 

What I really like about coinpayu is they try hard to keep their users happy.

They earn users loyality by offering them very special contests.

In this Weekly contest:

  • 25 Users will earn a 120 $ prize ( The more you earn the more you get )
  • 1st will get 50 $ prize, 2nd will get 20 $, 3rd will get 10 $ and 4th – 5th will get 5 $ each.
  • You have to complete as many offers as you can ( In legit ways ) if you want to get your prize and avoid ban.

3- Faucet

We all know what is a bitcoin faucet, Right ?

If you don’t know it is a way to earn some satoshi by solving a captcha code.

Coinpayu has its own faucet which you can use to make some extra 5 to 100 satoshi every hour.

You can see how in this photo >>>

earn from coinpayu faucet

4- Catcha a Cat

Another way to earn some satoshi from coinpayu is ( Catch a cat ) tab.

It’s more like a coupon code but in another name.

You need to follow them on twitter and every 8 days sometimes more or less they will tweet a coupon all you need to do is type this code and claim your prize.

Usually prize will be from 60 satoshi to 1000 satoshi.

You can follow the steps in this photo >>>

coinpayu catch a cat game


Now you knew how to earn let’s now know how can you increase your earnings….

Coinpayu membership program review

coinpay offers a very special membership program.

I don’t say that to buy any thing you can join for free.

But if you have many referrals or planning to invite your friends you should buy a membership.

There are 4 memberships you can join but first of all you need to think carefully.

Which one is the best for you.

Here you are all details you need to know in this photo>>>>

To go to this page you need to click on ( Upgrade ) button on dashboard.

coinpayu membership plans

Once you decided the best plan for you click on ( rocket ) and pay for it.

Join coinpayu

Coinpayu payment methods

Now you reached minimum payout and want to withdraw your earnings from coinpayu.

Inside dashboard you will find a ( Withdraw ) Button click on it.

There are 6 payment methods each one has a different minimum payout as you see in this photo >>>

coinpayu payment methods

After you choose your payment method and confirm it.

You will be redirected to a page like this ( I used Faucetpay as an example ):

receive payment from coinpayu

Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive it in your wallet in just 3 days.

We recommend 2 payment methods you can use :

  • Payeer : As you can change bitcoin to usd or Eur or Rub inside it and withdraw.
  • Faucetpay : If you want your money in crypto.

Coinpayu referral system review

My coinpayu review can’t be completed without reviewing their affiliate program.

I can’t say it the best affiliate program ever but it is good.

You can Earn 10 % of your :

  • Referrals earnings ( Increase if your referral bought a paid membership )
  • Advertising cost ( It can be up to 20 % )

This is offered by most of websites!!!

So what is special about coinpayu referral program ??

It has a monthly referral contest with a 600 $ prize will be given to the top 25 users who refer the most active people to coinpayu.

  • 1st will get 300 $
  • 2nd will get 150 $
  • 3rd will get 50 $
  • 4th will get 25 $
  • 5th will get 20 $
  • 6th will get 10 $
  • 7th to 10th will get 5 $
  • 11th to 20th will get 2 $
  • 20th to the 25th will get 1 $ each

Coinpayu Pros ( what I like )

  • It is legit
  • Fast payout
  • Low minimum payout
  • Great contests to increase your earnings
  • Very easy to use
  • Very professional
  • No pop up ads ( which makes me like working on it )

Coinpayu Cons ( What I don’t like )

  • They need to improve their referral system
  • I think membership prices are a bit high

My coinpayu review ( Final thoughts )

So by the end of this review is coinpayu worth your time ?

Yes it worth your time.

But you need to understand that you can’t depend on it as a living.

Coinpayu is a very good chance for making some extra cash in bitcoin.

After you make some cash on it You can invest these amount of BTC in trading or you can sell them and start your own blog, or you can even start a youtube channel and invest in it.

Join coinpayu

Websites like coinpayu

There are many websites similar to coinpayu you can work on and make some extra cash.

My favourites are :

Now I Want to hear from you….

After we reach the end of our coinpayu review.

Let me know Is this review was helpful to you ?

Do you work on this website before ?

what is your review ?

I really want to thank you to reach here and I wish you the best.

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