Best gpt sites 2021 ( huge legit list for you )

I love gpt sites, and I think you too like them, aren’t you?

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You need to now the best legit gpt sites in 2021, and that’s why you are here in this post.

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Because we are here in gpt zone sharing our own reviews based on our experience with each gpt website.

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By the last paragraph in this post, you will know the most legit and top paying gpt websites in 2020.

Let us first take a quick look at …..

How can you EARN from gpt sites ? 

gpt sites are a huge chance of making money online especially for beginners.

You can earn some extra cash from those sites doing nothing.

Not exactly nothing ….

But I mean that all work don’t need any special skills or even hard effort.

Those easy tasks INCLUDE :

  • Taking surveys
  • doing tasks
  • Watching ads
  • Watching videos
  • Cash back offers
  • Downloading apps
  • shorten links skipping
  • Captcha solving
  • Reading Emails
  • Entering Your Email
  • Entering your PIN code
  • Follow or like
  • Registering any website
  • etc…..

There are many offers and tasks you can perform by joining any gpt website in this list.

That’s why gpt sites are the best choice for me if I wanted to earn free and quick bucks.

How can you WITHDRAW your earning from gpt websites ?

There are different methods to withdraw your earnings depending on each website.

But …….

Most gpt websites offer those payment methods:

  • Paypal : the most used and the safest payment method all the time.
  • Skrill : one of the best online banks that is offered by few gpt sites.
  • Payoneer : Best payment system for those who earn more money.
  • Wire transfer : for international transfer of large amounts of money ( usually 1000 USD or more ).
  • Bitcoin : one of most common payment methods in gpt sites.
  • Gist cards : PS – amazon – spotify – XBOX – freefire ( but the most common are amazon cards ).
  • Payeer : this bank is less common as a payment methods.
  • Perfect money : Another Payment system similar to payeer.
  • Check : it is also a know methods but, it is used by few number of gpt websites.
  • etc : there are many other methods which are different for every site.

All you need NOW is to choose the best website that suits your requirements and join to start earning money.

Now let’s move to the ….

Best gpt sites For anyone ( top paying Worldwide ) 2020

Here,  you will find the best and top legit gpt sites.

In this part : you will find 15 gpt websites any one from any country around the world can join and start making some money.

In part 2 : Below this list you will find another list includes best sites for tier 1 countries only ( USA – UK – AU – Canda ).

All websites in this list pay their users and offer the highest prices.


Be sure you will get paid and get the highest revenue sharing.

Websites are arranged from the best to the good.

First 10 gpt websites are the best which I recommend to you.

You will find me focus on gpt sites that are available in all countries.


#1 – Ysense 

If you are looking for a legit gpt website that offers paypal and pays fast ysense must be your 1st choice.

I’ve already tried many websites but this website deserves to be on the top of our list.

How can you earn from ysense?

There are many ways to earn some cash but my recommendation goes for surveys ( it is the best for me ).

but there are other ways :

  • offerwalls ( there are about 10 of them ).
  • Tasks ( with a contest worth 100 $ for the top 10 users ).
  • Affiliate program ( they offer 20 % of your users earning as a commission for your efforts).

How can you withdraw you Earnings from ysense ?

Payment is processed in up to 3 business days.

There are 5 methods you can use to withdraw :

  • Skrill ( minimum 5 $ )
  • Paypal ( minimum 10 $ )
  • Amazon gist card ( minimum 5 $ )
  • Payoneer ( minimum 52 $ )
  • Reward link Italy ( minimum 10 $ )

Join ysense

#2 – Timebucks ( best gpt site worldwide )

Timebucks worth to be one of the best gpt sites.

I wanted to add it on the top of the list but being don’t have paypal as a payment method it was put in the 2nd place.

what I really love about timebucks is that : it is good chance for all people around the world not top tier 1 only.

Timebucks is very good for ( USA – UK – AU – India – vietnam – Italy – etc ).

Really, I don’t know why this website isn’t famous like others.

It deserves more attention.

How can you EARN from timebucks ?

There are about 12 ways you can use on timebucks to earn money ( this isn’t exist on any gpt website I’ve ever worked on).

You can earn money by :

  • Watching content ( ads – videos )
  • Surveys ( hundreds of them )
  • Offerwalls ( hundreds of offers )
  • solving captcha
  • Tasks ( likes – shares – comments – etc )
  • Sign up offers ( you will get paid joining other websites )
  • Tik tok ( You can make good amount of money daily by doing this )
  • cashback from aliexpress
  • Shorten links ( and CPA direct links )
  • Sweepstakes ( weekly )
  • Uploading videos to your you tube channel.
  • Earn from earning more ( you may get a prize of 20 $ if you are from top 5 )
  • Earn from referral system (  15 % )

How can you withdraw you Earnings from timebucks ?

Payment is automatically transferred to your Payment method  weekly.

there are 5 Methods to withdraw from this gpt website with minimum 10 $ for all :

  • Payeer
  • Skrill
  • Transferwise
  • Bitcoin
  • Airtm

register timebucks

#3- Swagbucks ( The best gpt site for USA )

If you live in USA or UK or canda , swagbucks is the best gpt site for you, But you can still use it from any country in the world.

There are many thoughts about this website as the best , and that’s absolutely right if you are from countries above.

Swagbucks is absolutely legit.

Swagbucks is by prodege LLC the same company owns ysense.

How can you EARN from swagbucks ?

You can earn from this site through :

  • Cash back offers ( plenty of stores )
  • Surveys
  • Offer walls
  • searching
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Much more

How to withdraw you Earnings from swagbucks ?

There are 2 Payment methods offered by swagbucks.

Payment is processed in up to 3 business days.

  • Paypal ( minimum payout 10 $ )
  • Amazon GC ( minimum 5 $ )

Register swagbucks

#4- Yougov 

It is not a gpt website , but it is a very special site to earn from surveys.

Yougov allows you to earn money sharing your opinion in market surveys.

It offers the best surveys in the market , when you complete one you get points, which can be redeemed to money.

Each survey gives you about 300 – 1000 points and the longest the survey is, the more its price.

Minimum payout depends on country, by example in USA minimum is 15 $ which equals 35000 points.

Minimum payout in most countries worldwide is about 50 $.

Payment methods

  • Paypal
  • Western union
  • Gift cards

Register Yougov

#5- Picoworkers

You want to earn doing simple tasks right ? Picoworker is your choice.

Picoworkers may be considered as micro freelancing site not gpt site.

You will find hundreds of simple tasks to do and you will earn money more than any gpt site.

How to EARN ?

There are thousands of offers posted by people , each one of them has its price .

All you need to do is doing the offer and put a proof of your completion of offer.

You will get paid after you submit the proof.

How to Withdraw money ? 

once you reach minimum of 5.40 $ you can request payout.

Payment will be sent to you in 10 Days after your withdraw.

Picoworkers offers 3 payment methods this month :

  • Paypal ( 7 % fees )
  • Skrill ( 7 % fees )
  • Litecoin ( 8 % fees )

Register Picoworkers

#6- Coinpayu

I’ve joined coinpayu about 5 months ago.

Although my experience is new, It became one of my best gpt sites.

It offers contest and coupones to encourage you to work.

How to EARN from coinpayu ?

there are 3 ways to earn bitcoin from coinpayu:

  • Watch ads
  • Offer walls
  • Referal system ( up to 20 % )

How to WITHDRAW from coinpayu ? 

You can withdraw your bitcoin once you reach 3000 satoshi using any of the payment methods in this photo:

withdraw bitcoin from coinpayu

Join coinpayu

#7- Cointiply

Cointiply isn’t a pure gpt site but it contains a lot of offers you can complete and make some cash.

Mainly we can consider cointiply as a bitcoin faucet but, it is very good comparing to other faucets which allow you to earn a few satoshis.

How to EARN from cointiply ?

There are 9 ways to make money from this site :

  • Faucet roll
  • watching ads
  • watching videos
  • Playing games
  • multiplier
  • Surveys
  • Offer walls
  • Downloading apps
  • Special offers

How to WITHDRAW from cointiply ? 

It is a crypto faucet so, you can withdraw your earning using :

  • Bitcoin ( minimum 50 000 coins = 5 $ )
  • Dogecoin ( minimum 30 000 coins = 3 $ )

Register cointiply


#8- Featurepoints

Featurepoints is one of the top gpt sites which is available worldwide.

Featurepoints is legit with about 5 million $ paid to users.

How can you EARN from featurepoints ?

  • Surveys
  • completing offers
  • Downloading apps
  • contests
  • Cashback offers

How to withdraw you Earnings from featurepoints ?

Once you reach minimum payout of 5 $ ( 3000 points ) you can request payout.

Payments are processed within about 3 business days.

Payment methods:

  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Bitcoin
  • Gift cards

Register featurepoints

#9- Points2shop

Although, this one is not popular as other gpt sites, It becomes one of the top in short time.

How to EARN from points2shop?

There are 3 main ways to earn :

  • Completing surveys
  • Playing games
  • Offers

How to WITHDRAW your earnings ?

once you reach 10 $ you can request your payout VIA :

  • Paypal
  • Facebook credits
  • Game codes

Register points2shop

#10- Grabpoints

Grabpoints is also a one of the best gpt sites you can use if you want some extra cash.

It is available in all countries.

so …..

If you are from India , USA , Canada or any country you can use it.

How can you EARN from Grabpoints ?

It offers 3 Ways to earn :

  • completing surveys
  • Watching Videos
  • Doing offers

Payment system and minimum Payout 

You can withdraw your earning once you reached 5000 points ( 5 $ ) through :

  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Game cards
  • Stem card

Register grabpoints

#11- Clickworker

clickworker is in the market since 2005 , so it is one of the best and oldest gpt sites.

How can you Earn from clickworker ? 

  • Doing simple tasks
  • completing surveys
  • offers

How to withdraw your Earnings from clickworker ?

once you Reach minimum payout you will be paid directly to your Payment method weekly.

You should have a Tax form to receive your payment.

Payment methods are :

  • Paypal
  • SEPA
  • Transferwise

Register clickworker

#12- Keeprewarding

It is not a famous among gpt sites but, it offers many ways to earn money.

Keeprewarding is the best choice for beginners for many reasons you will find it out now.

How can you EARN from this website?

There are many ways you can use to collect points, It offers :

  • Tasks ( figure eight )
  • Surveys ( many of them )
  • Offer walls ( hundreds of offers )
  • Watching ads
  • Watching vidos
  • Contest ( be active and get bonus )

How to withdraw money from keep rewarding ? 

Minimum payout is one of the best things about this gpt site.

You can withdraw your earning once you reach 1 $ ( 110 points ) Via :

  • Paypal
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Tango cards
  • Walmart

Register keeprewarding


#13- Neobux

Neobux is well know as a PTC website, but we can add it to this list because it has many offers and surveys now.

It is one of the most legit sites which works for 12 years or more till now.

How you can EARN from neobux ?

  • Watching ads
  • Tasks
  • Offers ( which are called coins inside website )
  • Surveys ( many of them which pay you good )
  • Playing games

How to WITHDRAW your earnings ?

There are 5 Payment systems to withdraw your earnings :

  • Skrill ( 2 $ minimum )
  • Neteller ( 2 $ minimum )
  • Airtm ( 2 $ minimum )
  • Tipalti profile which allows you to withdraw Via ( Paypal – echeck – wire – ACH )
  • Cryptocurrency ( Bitcoin – BCH – Dash – LC )

Register neobux

#14- GPT1 is a french gpt website that is available in all countries around the world.

The best thing about gpt1 is there are hundreds of offers which won’t be found in any gpt site.

How can you EARN from gpt1 ? 

It offers only offer walls but, there are many of them so you will earn good amount of money.

You will earn tokens which can be converted to cash.

How can you withdraw your money ? 

Once you reach minimum payout ( 0.16 $ ) you can get paid through one of the following payment meyhods :

  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Netteler
  • Cashplus
  • European bank transfer
  • Amazon Gift cards


#15- Get-paid

get-paid was one of my best 5 gpt sites previously when I was a complete beginner.

Get-paid is a good website but, earning chances became less than before.

How can you EARN from get-paid?

There are 4 Ways to earn from this site :

  • surveys
  • watching ads
  • Completing offers
  • Contests

How can you withdraw you Earnings  ?

The best thing about this site is ( minimum payout is very low 0.5 $ ).

Payment will be processed in 3 – 7 days after requesting.

Payment methods :

  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin
  • Perfect money
  • Webmoney
  • Gift cards

Register Getpaid


#16- Irazoo

Irazoo is also one of the best gpt sites.

It is available to all users from all countries.

How can you EARN ? 

Irazoo offers surveys and games only.

How to withdraw ?

There are many payment methods but, you need to reach a minimum of 5 $ ( 3000 points ) to request payout.

It offers :

  • Paypal ( worldwide )
  • Amazon gc – Paypal – starbucks – itunes – spotify – uber ( for USA only )
  • Indigo – Paypal – Amazon –  I tunes ( Canada )

You can use this code ( GU9DPM ) to earn 500 points

Register Irazoo


Best gpt sites for Tier 1 Countries ( USA – UK – Canada – Australia )

In this part you will find top 10 gpt websites for users living in any one of countries above.

Some of those sites accepts people from tier 2 countries so try to register even if you are not from those 4 countries.


You will be absolutely APPROVED if you live in one of the 4 countries mentioned before.


#17- Prizerebel 

If you are looking for fast paying gpt site, then prizerebel is the best or you.

How can you EARN from Prizerebel ?

  • Surveys ( this is the best method to earn from )
  • Watching video ads
  • Searching
  • Daily tasks
  • Offer walls

How to withdraw you Earnings from Prizerebel ?

You can withdraw your earning once you reach minimum payout of  5 $.

Payments are processed in 24 hours just after your request your reward through :

  • Cash ( Paypal – Bank deposit )
  • Gift cards ( Amazon – starbucks – Ebay – etc )
  • Game codes ( Xbox – PS )

Register prizerebel

#18- is the best for you , If you are in TIER 1 countries.

It is just like prize rebel and most good gpt sites isn’t available for all people worldwide.

How can you EARN from ?

  • Video watching
  • Surveys
  • Offers

How to Withdraw Your earnings ? 

You can request payout once you’ve earned 1 $ ( minimum ) , and your payment will be processed in few hours.

You can use any payment method of the below :

  • paypal
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin
  • Amazon gist cards ( USA only )

#19- Inboxdollars

We can say that inboxdollars is one of the best gpt sites.

But …..

It allows only US citizens to register and start earning. ( no people from any other country can use this gpt website ).

How can you EARN from inboxdollars ? 

It offers many ways to earn some extra cash :

  • Surveys
  • Offer walls
  • Watching videos
  • cash back offers
  • search the Internet
  • Playing games
  • Mobile apps

How to WITHDRAW you money ? 

Inboxdollars has a minimum payout of 30 $ once you reach you are allowed to request payout by :

  • Paypal
  • e-payments
  • check

All payment are instant.

Register inboxdollars

#20- Mypoints

Mypoints is another gpt website site by prodege ( the company which owns swagbucks and ysense ).

It is the oldest between gpt sites as it works since 1996.

How to EARN from this site ?

You can use any of these ways to earn or you can use all of them to triple your earnings :

  • Cashback offers ( the main way )
  • Surveys ( many of them )
  • video ads
  • email reading

What about withdrawing your money ?

Once you earn 5 $ ( 700 points ) you can request instant payout through :

  • paypal
  • Gist cards

Register Mypoints

#21- Instagc

Instagc is another top gpt website as many users say, In my opinion , what is really good about it is that >>> they offer instant payout.

They say that it is available for users worldwide, but it’s not.


Try to register to know whether it is available in your country or not.

How you EARN from Instagc ? 

Another thing special about instagc are ways you can use to earn ( there are many of them ), you can earn from :

  • Testing apps
  • Completing surveys
  • cashback offers
  • searching
  • watching videos
  • watching ads
  • Offer walls
  • Tasks

How to withdraw your money ?

Instagc will pay you instantly once you reach 1 $ minimum ( 100 points ). you can request payout through :

  • Paypal
  • bitcoin
  • card prepaid
  • direct deposit
  • hundreds of Gift cards ( Amazon – walmart – spotify – etc )


register instagc


#22- Earnably

Earnably is one of the best gpt sites, it is available in about 90 countries around the world including India.

Earnings are little compared to other sites but it has some PROS which make it a good start for a beginner.

It has mobile app so you can use it from your phone.

What are the ways you can EARN from ? 

As most gpt sites, earnably offers :

  •  Surveys
  • Offer walls
  • video ads
  • Downloading apps
  • Referral program

How to Withdraw your effort ? 

First time payment , you have to wait 5 days BUT, after that payout is instant once you reach a minimum of 1 $ ( 125 points ).

  • Cryptocurrencies ( BTC – LTC – …. )
  • cash ( paypal – Visa )
  • Gift cards

register earnably

#23- Qmee

Qmee was well known as a search rewarding gpt site, you get paid when you search the web.


Now it offers many ways to earn and very competitive payment system.

Till now, it is available only in ( USA – UK – Canada – AU ).

How To Make some extra cash on Qmee ?

  • Searching the web
  • Cashback
  • Offer walls
  • share your thoughts

How to withdraw your money ? 

There is no minimum payout which is really great.

Instant payout. 

you can request payout through :

  • your paypal account
  • Gift cards

Register qmee

#24- Offernation

A gpt website with the best reviews.

Offernation is a good choice for you if you want to make money easily without any skills or hard work.

on Trustpilot, offernation has a rate of 4.6 / 5 with hundreds of positive review.

How to EARN?

  • surveys
  • offer walls
  • video ads
  • contests
  • downloading apps

How to withdraw ? 

The minimum is 1 $ and you can get paid using :

  • skrill
  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin
  • Payza
  • Amazon gift cards

register offernation

#25- Rewarding ways

Another top gpt site by the same company owns ( – offernation ).

It is available in most countries of the world so, try to register to know if it is available in your country.

They pay about 1 .6 million dollars to users since 2011.

How to EARN from this site ? 

The same ways of offernation.

How to withdraw your money ?

Minimum is 1 $.

Payout is sent within 24 hours ( instant for trusted users ).

Payment methods :

  • Paypal
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Tango cards
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin

register rewardingways

#26- Daily rewards

Daily rewards is the last in our best legit gpt sites,

It is available for Canada only.

There are many bad reviews so I don’t recommend it.

I Want to hear from you… 

what is your best gpt website, and what is the worst?

Write a comment and Share your experience with us to avoid those scams.

Thank you for reaching here.

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