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You searched for adbtc review.

Good choice. 

You want to earn some btc , that’ why you are here.

Because you searched for a PTC website , that let me know that you don’t have any skills and absolutely don’t have money to buy and invest.

Never mind, I started that way too.


By the end of this review you will know every thing you need about adbtc .top and I will give you some similar websites to help you earn some more satoshis.

First of all let’s answer this question….

Is adbtc legit or scam ? 

100 % legit,

Adbtc is considered one of my favorites when I want some crypto fast.

That’s why I am writing my review.

To help you earn some crypto fast and achieve some benefits of this rapidly moving market.

But of course you need a proof If I were you, I will ask for that to.

So here you are adbtc payment proof  >>> 

adbtc payment proof

And there are much more proofs I can add to this review but my point here to let you know that adbtc is legit and not scam as some people say.

How much Can You Earn from adbtc ?

There is no limit to what you can earn.


My earnings were 200 – 1000 satoshi / day from surfing ads only.

From my exclusive methods ( those I shared below in this review) I earn about 14000 satoshi per week.

That’s about 3000 satoshi / day.

I think it is good amount for you as a start point.

How to earn from adbtc ? 

How can you earn from adbtc ? 

There are 5 ways to earn from in this adbtc review.

1- Surf Ads 

This is the first type of ads you can watch on adbtc and earn some satoshi from.

Here you will click on ad and wait for the timer to end , After that you return to adbtc and satoshi will be added to your balance.

surf ads on adbtc

2- Active windows surfing

This is the second type of ads you can surf and get paid from in this adbtc review.

This type differs from the 1st one because in you have to stay inside ad until the end of timer or it will stop.

earn btc from adbtc

After that you have to solve the captcha before closing the ad and satoshis will be added directly to your balance.

3- Autosurfing ads 

This is the easiest way you can use to earn from adbtc.

All you have to do is clicking ( auto surfing in The EARN tap ) and leave it.

Satoshis will be added directly to your balance.

auto surfing ads on adbtc


4- Referrals 

If you are a blogger , youtuber or have some friends.

You can share this website with them and you will be rewarded every time one of them earn some from adbtc.

My adbtc review will never be completed if I didn’t let you know more about there referral system.

Here You will earn 10 % of your friends earnings ( without affecting their money ).


5 % of their advertising fees if they advertise on adbtc.

To be honest with you….

I don’t think it is a good percentage.

But usually most of gpt websites offer the same.

5- Exclusive way

To make sure this is the best adbtc review you will read….

I will give you my method which made me about 0.01 BTC and If you find it good use it.

Here we will talk about referral market.

there are 2 ways now to benefit from adbtc referral market.

1st method : Sell your referrals 

All You have to Do is to invite some of your friends to this website.

After that make sure they work on it for 10 Days ( After that you will be able to sell your referral ).

Now ….

sell your referral for the best price for you.

Usually if your friend earns 150 satoshis / day you can sell it for 10000 satoshi.

2nd Method : Buy the best referrals

Some people offer referrals for a price less than what they really worth.

Your role here is to buy those referrals from them and resell them again for a higher price.

This will let you make good amount of btc fast.

adbtc Payment system review

You already knew that : 

  • adbtc is legit 
  • how to earn from it 
  • referral system 

Now it time to let you know how will you receive your earnings from adbtc.

All payments are sent within 3 days.

There are 4  withdrawal methods offered by adbtc: 

1- Payeer

The most recent payment method added by adbtc.

You can withdraw your earning by adding your payeer account number and request withdrawal.

2- Faucetpay

It is a micro wallet for bitcoin and about 9 crypto coins.

You have to create account on it after that copy the deposit account and paste it inside adbtc.

Minimum payout is 3000 Satoshi.


another option to withdraw your crypto.

Express crypto is a micro wallet also for more than 20 coins but there fees are more than faucetpay so I don’t recommend.

All you have to do is to copy your user ID and pate it in adbtc then request payment.

Minimum payout is 3000 Satoshi.

4- BTC wallet 

If you want to withdraw directly to your normal bitcoin wallet, It is available too.


Minimum payout of this method is 45000 Satoshis.

You can use many wallet providers like : 

  • coinbase 
  • Blockchain
  • Xapo
  • etc

What I like About adbtc 

  • It is legit 
  • Very low minimum payout
  • fast payout
  • referral market place 
  • very easy to use

What I don’t like about Adbtc

  • Active windwos surfing and auto surfing ads are very few.
  • referral system needs improvement.
  • You can’t withdraw more than one time every day.
  • earning ways are few.

Websites like adbtc 

sites similar to adbtc is a must to make my review complete.


I will share with you 2 Of my best sites which can help you earn more crypto beside adbtc.

Those sites are : 

How to create account on Adbtc ? 

1- Create an account on faucetpay and copy your deposit address.

2- Go to

3- complete all data required in this photo  >>>> 

4- Go to your email and confirm your adbtc account.

5- Log in to your account and start earning.

My honest adbtc review ( last words )

If I have the chance to start over again from scratch, will I use adbtc ? 

To be honest with you ? 


I worked on websites much better than adbtc.

My 1st choice now is Ysense: I earn about 5 $ a day extra income from it.

My 2nd choice now is Timebucks: It has 12 ways of making money or more and is available for all users world wide.

And the 3rd choice here is Swagbucks:but it is really good for USA and tier 1 countries.

If you are from: India , Pakistan, Venzuella or any country not from Tier 1 ( ysense and timebucks ) are the best choices for you.

 Now Let me here from you….

After you read all this adbtc review, Tell me ….

Do you think adbtc worth your time ? 

Will you work on it ? 

Share with me your favorite website and help us and other people to earn more.

Thank You.

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