2captcha review : Why you should Join now 2021

So, you’ve decided to do some captcha job and search for 2captcha review.

Good choice…

2Captcha is by far The most legit and profitable website in this category.

I’ve already worked on 2captcha since 2017 and still working on it till this moment.

This means I will share with you my honest review about this site.


by the end of this post You will know everything about this site to decide whether you like to CREATE account or not.

Let’s start with……

What is 2Captcha ?

The short answer : it is a solving captcha site.

Need the long answer ?

I don’t think there is anything more to talk about.

BUT …….

I can add some facts about 2captcha you may want to know :

  • Easy to join website.
  • Create account is free.
  • It Pays its users.
  • Minimum payout is really low.
  • You can’t be rich from it BUT you can make few extra dollars every day.
  • No skills or investment is required.

Let’s now ANSWER the most annoying question you may have in your mind.

Is 2captcha a scam or legit website ?

No review can be completed without this question.

But the short answer is YES.

2captcha is a legit captcha job you can work with them and they will pay you don’t worry.

I have already get paid from it hundreds of times.

Here you are the payment proof to start work on it.

2captcha payment proof


Join 2captcha


How much can we earn from 2captcha ?

Minimum Rate you can get from solving normal codes on 2captcha is 0.20 $ / 1000 captcha.

Maximum Rate for normal captcha is 0.65 $ / 1000 code.

Fixed Rate for re captcha is 1 $ / 1000 codes.


Let’s talk in hours.

How many captchas are there in an hour ?

If you work for an hour, you can solve about 1500 captcha ( that’s about 0.30 $ to 1.5  $ ).

The money you can make on 2captcha changes depends on many factors : 

  • Your speed in solving
  • Hours of the day ( captcha number )
  • normal or recaptcha
  • Your reputation in the website.

If you like statistics here you are some of them to know how much you can earn and rate of work on 2captcha :

statistics about 2captcha

How to increase what you Earn from 2captcha ?

Now let’s see how can you increase your earnings.

Absolutely 0.25 $ is not a goal for any one.

But you can Increase your earning by doing some simple steps.

To be honest with you these steps can help you to make up to 5 $ per day not so much.

  1. Download their BOT or system : ( speed and re captcha are on the bot )
  2. Type quickly 
  3. Use their app If you are a mobile user
  4. Solve more and type correctly ( every time you solve captcha correctly your reputation on 2captcha will increase and more codes will be shown to you )
  5. Refer your friends to 2captcha

These are all you can do to get more money from this part time job.

2captcha referral program review

Does 2captcha has a referral program ?


If you are a blogger , have a youtube channel or even a page on facebook , you can Invite your audience or your friends to work and you will get 10 % of their earnings without affecting what they earn.

I don’t think it is a good percent for someone who doesn’t  have many friends.

But It will give you some extra money if you have an audience that follow you.

Payment System review

Now let’s review 2captcha payment system.

Do you need an honest review ?

I Love their payment system.

To be honest it is one of the best.

  • Minimum Payout is 0.5 $
  • Payment period 1 day or less
  • Withdrawal Fee none
  • Payment system there are 7 methods offered by 2captcha we recommend Payeer because its fast and easy to use but you can choose the method that is best for you from the photo below.

2captcha payment methods review

Does 2captcha offer Paypal as a payment method ? 

Direct method !! No.


You can do a get the money to your paypal account by using Airtm as your payment method

From Airtm you can transfer your 2captcha money to your paypal account .


Make sure to register using the same email address of your pay pal to be able to withdraw to it.

What I like about 2captcha ( PROS )

There are many things special about 2captcha to mention but what I really like about them are :

  • Legit
  • Very easy to use dashboard
  • Captcha rate ( speed ) is good.
  • No hidden withdrawal fees
  • Very low minimum payout
  • Fast payout
  • It offers BTC as a payment method
  • They have a bot for re captcha codes which is perfect to work on.
  • good referral system

What I don’t like about 2captcha ( CONS )

I mentioned you the things that I like about 2captcha.

And here you are some things I don’t like about it :

  • No other ways to make money ( only captcha codes )
  • It doesn’t offer paypal as a payment method
  • Referral percent isn’t that good.
  • Earning rate for normal captcha codes is low
  • Some hours of the day the captcha rate is very slow.

In which countries 2captcha is available ?

It is a worldwide website.

You can create a new account and start earning from any country around the world.

So if you are from  :

  • India
  • USA
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Canada
  • Vietnam
  • Etc

you can start working today.

Some 2captcha review and complaints

Before you decide whether to join or not.

Let’s see what other people say about this job.

#reviews on Trustpilot

2captcha rate on trust pilot is 4.6/5 which is really great.

There are 585 reviews till now AND 76 % of them gave 2captcha EXELLENT review and only 2 % gave it BAD.

2captcha reviews on trustpilot

#reviews on mouthshut

On mouth shut there about 6200 2captcha review and a rate 3.25 / 5 which is not good.

Most complaints on mouth shut are about money earned and it is very little ( and they are true by the way ) only 2 – 5 $ per day.

reviews of 2captcha on mouthshut

#2captcha reviews on Foxyrating

There are about 400 reviews on foxyrating most of them say that 2captcha is legit and good to join.

2captcha reviews on foxyrating

These are the top review sites on the internet to be more sure about your work on 2captcha.

Join 2captcha

Sites like 2captcha

Now let’s move to other sites which are similar to 2captcha.

There are 2 other sites which can be good to Join in my opinion.

Those 2 are : 

There are many other websites but these 2 are the best and most legit.

Join 2captcha

My final thought : Is 2captcha worth your time ?

I have already finished my 2captcha review.

But there are some words I would like to share with you and would be really happy if you think about them.

For me 2captcha doesn’t worth my time.


2 years ago, When I didn’t have any skills or money, it really helped me buy a Domain name for my first blog.

So if you want to make some cash To buy a domain or need any tool which can help you to make more money.

Join 2captcha and work on it.


If you need money to live on or want to make more than 2 $ per day WITHOUT a skill.

Let me give You the best 4 websites which helped me make about 50 $ / day ( I think 50 dollars are very good for a beginner without any skills or even money ) : 

  • Ysense : The best for you to work on surveys and offers.
  • Timebucks : 13 different ways To make money Including captcha work.
  • Picoworkers : Mircotasks That will help you to make more than 10 $ / day very easily.
  • Swagbucks : The best For USA , Canada and other European countries.

Now It’s Up to you…..

Will You Join 2captcha ? or you will join another recommended website ? 

Do you think 2 – 5 $ per day are good for you ? or you want more ?

Sharing Is caring…..

First of all, thank you for reading my 2captcha review till now I hope it was helpful guide.

If you find this guide useful share it to help us Reach more people.

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